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Inspection Agreements

     Here you will find our "Inspection Agreements". It is advised that you read these in detail. Signed copies will be provided in your General/Comprehensive Inspection Report as well as all other reports.


Wind Mitigation

Details & Checklists

    Here you will find our Wind Mitigation Checklist. This process takes about one hour. We will need to look for proof of Roof Age and Material; Roof to Wall Connections; Roof to Deck attachments; Shape of all opening protection. The Wind Mitigation Form must be signed by persons 18 years of age or older and payment must be received prior to inspection. 


Home Inspection

Sample Report

   Here you will find a sample of our typical home inspection report. Our Report typically ranges from 15 to 30 pages. You will find most inspection companies will not disclose their reporting methods because the majority use the same generic forms to convey their inspection findings. These type of reports are limited in scope. They can be difficult to navigate and comprehend. We pride ourselves with a customized report for each home. By design, our report is easily read on any computer, phone or tablet. The information contained in your inspection report is extremely important when negotiating your purchase contract. 

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