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about Your Inspector

With over decade of experience as a warranty writer and inspector within the commercial, new home, and renovation industry… I partnered with contractors and new home manufacturers, under the following umbrella companies; ICI Paints, Akzo Nobel and PPG Industries. My inspections (typically warranty assessments) uncovered common structural issues, such as; roof and plumbing leaks, a lack of insulation or proper venting or a lack of an appropriate moisture barriers and so on. These often resulted in an increase in mold and mildew issues as well as WDO(Wood Destroying Organisms) problems. In prior experience, I worked alongside my father... He was a contractor/inspector and full rehab specialist. This is where I learned to appreciate hard and what it means to do things right the first time.

Inspection Fees

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Wind Mitigation                                        

4-Point Inspection                                 

Comprehensive  Home Inspection    

 Infrared Thermal Imaging 

(included with home inspection)





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 All Three Reports 


Home Inspection

Sample Report

Here you will find a sample of our typical home inspection report. Our Report typically ranges from 15 to 30 pages. You will find most inspection companies will not disclose their reporting methods because the majority use the same generic forms to convey their inspection findings. These type of reports are limited in scope. They can be difficult to navigate and comprehend. We pride ourselves with a customized report for each home. By design, our report is easily read on any computer, phone or tablet. The information contained in your inspection report is extremely important when negotiating your purchase contract. 


Infrared Thermal Imaging

Included With Every Comprehensive Inspection

As a  home inspector, once I began utilizing a thermal imaging camera, after acquiring the proper certifications and gaining experience understanding the information it provides, I find it a bit disconcerting thinking of all the past inspections prior to my use of this technology and all the things I may have missed without it. Because every comprehensive home inspection I perform includes infrared thermal imaging…  Today, I walk away from every inspection with the peace of mind that I did my best to find all that is possible.

You may be wondering, what is thermal imaging?


    Thermal imaging, also known as infrared, Thermography, or IR TECH, utilizes a special camera, equipped with special software and lens. This camera  detects infrared energy (invisible to the naked eye) emitted from various structural objects, which converts heat into a visible color spectrum, displaying an image with these  variations of color ranging from hot to cool or vice versa (sometimes we use a black and white spectrum, depending on the environmental conditions). The camera is not” X-Ray Vision” and does not release “Radiation”. It does not see through the walls, ceilings or floors of any structure. It measures the surface temperature of your homes structural parts and systems, which can be affected by defects within those components, such as excessive moisture, liquid, or deviations in air flow.


HDR Photography

(High Dynamic Range)

We provide high-quality and affordable Real Estate Photography that will surpass expectations. Our primary equipment features drones with up to 4K resolution capable of  with wide angle RAW/DNG/JPG shooting with both video and photo, as well as, wide angle lenses paired with high-quality low light sensitive cameras to capture perfect ambient lighting. We utilize flash bulbs to capture all the highlights and features of your home and blend them together utilizing an array of Adobe Products such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and more. Utilizing HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography, our approach is to ensure colors are matched truthfully in order to not mislead your potential buyer. The last thing we want is for your potential buyer to show up to your home, excited, with high expectations, only to be let down because they discovered your photographer over processed and over edited their final product. Furthermore, we will create more than just the basics... We include what the industry calls window pulls, fireplace enhancement, and television swaps, As you can see in the examples, We do not to interfere  with the natural lighting and shadowing of the home. We want both parties in this transaction to feel confident and comfortable with the same  expectations.


Simplified & Customized Websites to Fit Your Needs

Starting at just $275... We make it easy.... We offer customized website creation and maintenance services. On this page, you will find several examples of sample websites. Just click each image to see the full sample site. We can create a website to reflect whatever style you are currently using to market your business, apply your business to one of our sample templates, or create an entirely new website based on your needs. While we are concentrating our efforts to market our services to the real estate industry, we can create any type site you desire. We use “Wix” hosting services for all our web related needs. We find them easier to navigate for the inexperienced website editor. This means that once your website is built, you can edit it as needed without paying for maintenance or updating services. Of course, if you would rather someone else handle it... We will be happy to provide website maintenance for a small fee (Just depends on how much you wish to edit).

"GIF File" ProductionStarting at around $25 - Quote Needed

Do you want to take that marketing photo and bring it to life.... We can create GIF Files that can be used on any website or within your digital marketing. All that is needed is a single HD quality photo and with a little ingenuity.