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We utilize a UAS (Drone) on virtually every Comprehensive and some four point inspections. We also provide additional non real estate related services. 
FAA Registered &
Certified UAS (Drone) Pilot
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Seriously… "Less is More"

 The more photos you list, the less likely you may sell...

Most real estate photographers offer essentially the same photo package of “25 photo’s & 10 drone shots” for said price. More often than not, ten to twenty of those pictures are not exactly all that appealing and may be undermining the property’s dynamic features? Nowadays, MLS allows larger upload quantity’s and file sizes. There is a new consensus regarding the belief that more pictures gives way to a greater opportunity to attract more buyers is proving to be false. Photos of lackluster rooms such as guest bedrooms, small bathrooms, and a typical an overstuffed den or closet are unappealing and may drive away a potential buyer. It only takes a few “Warm & Fuzzy” shots of more favorable characteristics to bring life to a property and attention to your listing. This is where our post processing adds value; being mindful and precise during the editing of each image to ensure the published version's; color, lighting and size perception is equivalent to the real home.

Exterior… This is Where the Photo Count...May be Imperative.

Ground Shots and Drones… This aspect of the photo shoot has the potential to make a statement, especially if the property is all about location… location… location! This is where I would focus on additional photos and even video if the property has many key elements. Here, video will definitely compliment when the views are spectacular. I offer extended drone services for such a case, not just pictures, but video too. There is an additional fee which depends on the amount of content acquired and the necessary post process in order to definitively put your listing in high demand.

My Commitment

I provide high-quality and affordable Real Estate Photography that will surpass expectations. My primary equipment features drones with up to 4K resolution capable of  with wide angle RAW/DNG/JPG shooting capabilities both video and photo, as well as, wide angled VR Lenses paired with high-quality low light sensitive DSLR Cameras(Digital Single Lens Reflex). I utilize speed lights to capture all the highlights and features of your home and blend them together utilizing an array of Adobe Products such as Lightroom, Photoshop, In-Design, Premiere Pro and more. My approach is to ensure colors are matched truthfully in order to not mislead a potential buyer. If you have been around long enough and know the business, some HDR(High Dynamic Range) photographers tend to lack a little integrity by over selling this amazing technology. While I appreciate and utilize the art form... The last thing I want is for your potential buyer to show up to your home, excited , with high expectations, only to be let down because they discovered your photographer over processed and over edited their product. I will create the HDR basics, including what the industry calls window pulls, fireplace enhancement, and television swaps, but that’s as far as I go with the trim.  I also try not to interfere too much with the natural lighting and shadowing of the home. I want both parties in this transaction to feel confident and comfortable with their new home purchase.  Please see the our photography Prep checklist in link above. 

HDR Enhancement  is Available

All Fees are Negotiable as We Customize According to  Individual Client Needs
HDR Photography & Imated Photography                                                                             Quote Needed
Thermal Photography (up to 3000 Sq.Ft. or Quote Needed)​                                                            $100+
Point & Shoot Interior Exterior with No Drone (Price is based on sq footage)​                         $100+
Exterior UAS Drone Plus Ground Shoot (Quote Needed)                                                         was $200+
                                                                                                                                                                        Now  $99+
Full Interior, Exterior & Drone -(Average 2000  or less Sq.Ft. - Quote Needed)              was $300+
                                                                                                                                                                     Now   $149+
Full Interior, Exterior & Drone -(Average 3000  or less Sq.Ft. - Quote Needed)             was  $400+
                                                                                                                                                                     Now   $ 199+
Full Interior,  Exterior & Drone -(Average 4000  or less Sq.Ft. - Quote Needed)             was  $500+
                                                                                                                                                                     Now   $249+
Full Interior , Exterior & Drone  - (Average  over 4000 Sq.Ft. - Negotiable)              Quote Needed  
Commercial Property Interior & Exterior                                                                                Quote Needed
 Full Video  (Negotiable & includes Music)                        Starting at around $300 - Quote Needed
(Samples Below of full & Slide Video - typically it is an ad on service to the basic shoot))
Trip Charge  (Dependent on the scope of the job & location)   Starting at $25+ /  Quote Needed
"GIF File" Production  (See Sample on Website Tab)       Starting at around $25 - Quote Needed


Post processing (Editing) is Included and is typically an average of 20 or more interior photos; some will be (Point & Shoot). Images will be edited according to MLS standards. Video pricing  Is negotiable, as it is reliant on the amount of content.


Photography fees are not set in stone as they are negotiable depending on size, scope, and on each clients requirements. The fees quoted  below are more or less guidelines. Once we have a photo shoot  location, we can provide an accurate quote.


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"No matter the size & scope ,they all deserve a proper photoshoot"

(Disclaimer, not all pictures amenities shown were taken by our services. Some realtors took liberties to shoot some additional features and parks etc...)

 360 Real Estate Services, LLC - Photography
360 - Riviera Dunes Sunset HDR  - Revisi
 360 Real Estate Services, LLC - Photography
 360 Real Estate Services, LLC - Photography
 360 Real Estate Services, LLC - Photography

View a small sample below of recent homes with a "Virtual Walk Through"... No distortion from a fish eye or slide show.... An actual walk through with minimal editing

Simple Slide show Videos available upon request with a small additional fee.

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