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Brad E Meece

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Established - 2015

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Photography & Video
Home Inspections
Thermal Imaging
Website Design
FAA Registered
  & Certified UAS
"Drone" Pilot 
I have over decade of experience as a warranty writer and inspector within the commercial, new home and renovation industry. I partnered with contractors and new home manufacturers, under the following umbrella companies; ICI Paints, Akzo Nobel and PPG Industries. My coatings inspections (typically warranty assessments) uncovered common structural issues, such as; roof and plumbing leaks, a lack of insulation or proper venting or a lack of an appropriate moisture barriers and so on.  These often resulted in an increase in mold and mildew issues as well as WDO(Wood Destroying Organisms) problems. In prior experience as well as growing up, I worked alongside my father... He was a contractor/inspector and full rehab specialist. This is where I learned hard work can be under appreciated and so is what it means to do things right the first time. 
It only takes a few “Warm & Fuzzy” shots of more favorable characteristics to bring life to a property and attention to your listing. This is where our post processing adds value; being mindful and precise during the editing of each image to ensure the published versions; color, lighting and size perception is equivalent to the real home.
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Simplified & Customized

Reporting Methods .

 Includes Infrared Thermal Imaging


Providing Your Top Three  Inspections....  In  One  Affordable  Package!

Wind Mitigation                                       $100

 (Insurance Discounts)     

4-Point Inspection  (Insurance)          $125

Comprehensive / General Home Inspection                                                   $300

Infrared Thermal Imaging

   (included with home inspection)     $0


 3 Report Package Package Discount


                                                                    ( -$125)


                                  All Three Reports   $400

Other discounts may apply

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Our Comprehensive inspection, sometimes called general Inspection always includes Thermal Imaging  (see next Section). Along with a thorough inspection, this technology gives us peace of mind that we have discovered all possible deficiencies, giving you, the buyer, the power to negotiate your contract. Our reporting Methods are customized yet simple to navigate on any computer, tablet, or phone. It is typically a 15 to 30 page report. A sample is available for view on the “Reports & Checklist” tab on website. We have a package discount for all three reports, which includes wind mitigation and four-point inspection reports.

 Thermal Imaging

Free With every Comprehensive Home Inspection....

Otherwise,  Starting at $100....Our Thermal imaging services,

also known as infrared, Thermography, or I R Tech utilizes a

special camera, equipped with special software and an 

infrared sensitive lens. This  camera detects infrared energy,

that is invisible to the naked eye, emitted from various

structural objects, which converts heat into a visible color

spectrum. This displays an image with these variations of

color ranging from hot to cool or vice versa. The camera is not” X-Ray Vision” and does not release “Radiation”. It does not see through the walls, ceilings, or floors of any structure. It measures the surface temperature of your homes structural parts and systems, such as excessive moisture, liquid, Heat or Deviations in air flow.

360 Real Estate Services LLC -  IR TECH, Thermography,  Infrared Thermal Image Certification

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We make it easy...We offer customized website design and maintenance with the "Realtor" in mind. Full listings or just a portfolio, we have several templates or will customize to match your current marketing plan.

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