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Starting at just $275... We make it easy.... We offer customized website creation and maintenance services. On this page, you will find several examples of sample websites. Just click each image to see the full sample site. We can create a website to reflect whatever style you are currently using to market your business, apply your business to one of our sample templates, or create an entirely new website based on your needs. While we are concentrating our efforts to market our services to the real estate industry, we can create any type site you desire. We use “Wix” hosting services for all our web related needs. We find them easier to navigate for the inexperienced website editor. This means that once your website is built, you can edit it as needed without paying for maintenance or updating services. Of course, if you would rather someone else handle it... We will be happy to provide website maintenance for a small fee (Just depends on how much you wish to edit).

"GIF File" Production- Starting at around $25 - Quote Needed

Do you want to take that marketing photo and bring it to life.... We can create GIF Files that can be used on any website or within your digital marketing. All that is needed is a single HD quality photo and with a little ingenuity. Below is a sample still shot originally used on our brochures.

360 Real Estate Services, LLC -  - Realtor Website Sample 5

Sample "GIF" File (Click to Enlarge)


Simplified & Customized Websites to Fit Your Needs

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360 -Wesite Sample 10.jpg

The Process:

Depending on the scope of your chosen website, we may ask for a small deposit up front to demonstrate your commitment to the project. Final Payment is not due until you are satisfied with the design and ready to activate the website. Although we have some pre-made templates that are ready to use... There is still a great deal of work involved with personalizing, indexing and most important... Editing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of every page. Without a proper SEO, your website will not get found or may look strange on Google, Bing or any other search engine. Included in our fee is the activation and purchase of a domain for your new website. If you already have a domain name, we can transfer it. The website host “Wix” requires an annual subscription for your website and domain to remain active. This subscription is nonrefundable, but is transferable to any “Wix” website you choose. Your domain is an exception, therefore by law, it can be transferred to any website hosting service you prefer. Also, this is your site and it is all about you... Therefore, you must provide all website content, contact information, pictures and videos.  We try to make it easy by providing a “Checklist”(Click to View Document) of information required. You may E-mail, mail a disk or flash drive or utilize our preferred method which is a free file transfer service via https://transfer.pcloud.com – It is a great service and it is free for file sizes up to 5 gigabytes... Just make sure to Encrypt Data (Utilize a Password).

360 Real Estate Services, LLC

Simple-Real-Estate (A Wix App)

By Share IT  - 5 Listings Free

Unlimited Listings Plans Starting at $8.33 per Month

This you pay directly to "Wix as it is not part of our fees.


We utilize several software platforms from Wix, Microsoft & Adobe to create files and other media on your website... This means we can include links to virtually any document type that you may want to make, allowing your clients to have access to customer agreements, multiple forms, quotes, instructions, applications, etc.…


  • InDesign

  • Photoshop CC

  • Illustrator CC

  • Premier Pro

  • Premier Rush CC

  • After Effects

  • Acrobat DC

  • Excel

  • Word

  • Power Point

Pricing is Negotiable...

As Each Client is Unique

Each Price Includes a Minimum $149.00 Wix Website Subscription Fee,

as well as a Minimum $15 Domain Purchase Fee .

     Basic Realtor Profile  -  Subscription Website - Custom Domain                $275+

     Profile/ 5 Listings - Subscription Website - Custom Domain                       $400+

    Unlimited Listings - Subscription Website - Custom Domain                       $600+


    "GIF" Files                                                                                                           Starting $25 +

(              Quote Is Needed dependent on the scope of the job)


     Website Maintenance - Depending on your needs (Varies)                            $20+

                   (Minor Changes are free)

Check Back Soon...We are Always

Working on New Designs

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360 Real Estate Services, LLC -  - Realtor Website - Realtor Sample 2
Braden Town Home Inspections - Realtor Website Sample 1
360 Real Estate Services, LLC -  - Realtor Website Sample 1
360 Real Estate Services, LLC -  - Realtor Website Sample 3
360 Raltor 9
360 Real Estate Services, LLC - Inspector Sample 2
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360 Real Estate Services, LLC -  - Realtor Website Sample 5

Custom Websites:

Listing & Chat Software Available

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